The statue of Greyfriars Bobby is the peg from which Candlemaker Row is hung like a scarf winding down to the Grassmarket.
The street's name reminds us of far-off times lit by candles. Tallow candles were made here centuries ago.
You can amble down from Greyfriars Bobby to my shop, "STILL LIFE", 54 Candlemaker Row, the current home of  

STILL LIFE is closing down so visit before it is too late.

This eighteenth century watercolour might be Continental or Colonial. A ploughman is smoking a pipe. It is currently being researched.

This watercolour drawing of an angler might be Continental or Colonial. It is being researched.

A group consisting of a man, youth and boy. Their identity is being researched so there is not much I can say. There is a watermark.