Me and the Social Media Influencer

Last July, a young Chinese woman introduced herself as a Social Media Influencer and asked if she could take a photo of my shop and post about it. Somewhat sceptically, I agreed. She assured me that many people would come. And she was right. In so far as I've had a "good year" it could be put down to my unpaid-for appearance on


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While the shop is subject to Probate, I am continuing to trade until that is settled. People keep asking me when the final date will be but I don't have it. However, clearing out the shop is my priori

At long last, after spending enough on online advertising, I'm seeing the buyers I need: the value-focussed trade buyers, the keen-eyed vultures who look for items at rock bottom prices which you onl

I've been isolating with coronavirus but plan to be open again on Saturday the 8th of January, 2022. Come along and help me clear the shop before the end of January. If you like the mismatched dinnerw