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The Bitcoin Wizard

My first customer today was a young man, a circus performer, who also makes money from Crypto. I quizzed him about it and was impressed by his knowledge. He admitted it was speculative: what gives it some stability is that most users don't know when to withdraw and rather than realise losses, leave their "money" in, hence the price sags but doesn't crash. He paid me £10 for a 1960s Mepal Rosti plastic kitchen bowl designed by Sigvard Bernadotte, the Danish goldsmith (£10 in my Closing Down Sale). As we chatted he wrote down his YouTube address where he demonstrates his circus skills. His circus work has been interrupted by the Pandemic. After writing the address he handed it to me with a second £10 note. I knew that my cash was wrong and a few questions established he had £80 having just withdrawn £100 and I had £10 too much which I returned to him. I get such original customers and they are not always sharper than me.

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