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  • A large ceramic plate decorated by Salvador Sanz Faus (1914-1997, Spanish School), printmaker and painter. Faus was a Valencian artist whose work can be seen as Art Brut, Outsider, Surrealist. In this remarkable plate he has created a savage image of a hungry, aggressive, urban stray cat which is the opposite of the plump, cuddly, indulged, baby substitutes of the greetings card and kitsch figurine makers. The flowers are dingy weeds with broken stems. The technique seems to involve stencilling and souffle.

    El Gato Salvador Sanz Faus

    • Find beautiful, interesting plates for Food Photography, to style  books, magazines, flyers and ads. All the plates have a flat price of £35 shipping to the UK, £40 for Worldwide. What I am able to offer in this format depends on various factors such as the buying cost to me. They are sold for appearance:  it is their visual quality you need. I try to group them by style, colour, design, texture, material. UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

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