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Jobson and Nell

A pair of unrecorded (Schkolne) Pratt-type figurines of Jobson and Nell. 

Jobson and his wife, Nell, were characters in a "hit" early 18thc comedy and ballad. The play continued to be performed into the Nineteenth century and such figurines attest to its popularity.

It has been suggested to me that these figures originated in the North East of England or Scotland due to the way the black detailing on the face is handled.

Other versions of this subject obviously derive from a more sophisticated and sculptural prototype which would have been more difficult and expensive to execute with "repaired" elements cast separately. These compact figures would have emerged from the mould in one piece.

4 1.4 inches / 11 cm tall, approximately.

Ms Myrna Schkolne has added my photos to the Supplementary Archive for her volume on Staffordshire Figures 1780=1840 .

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